Fiesta Bowl recap

Updated: January 4, 2006, 6:47 PM ET
I was not surprised by how many times the ABC crew played up the fact that Laura Quinn is the sister of Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn and girlfriend of Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk. We've had older women -- like Bobby Bowden's wife Ann -- rooting for their son coaching against their father, but this is the first time that I could recall the dual loyalties with a young woman.

Thanks to the fact that Hawk had sacked Quinn a couple times, the game featured at least 10 shots of Laura in the stands, with her half Ohio State/half Notre Dame jersey, and the girl -- a journalism major hoping to make the most of her 15 minutes of fame -- did two interviews during the game. The firm that made Quinn's jersey was Torn Apparel, a company that has made a name by selling half and half jerseys. "We had Nelly wear our jersey at the Super Bowl halftime show, but this was the biggest exposure that one of our jerseys has ever received," said Torn Apparel owner Craig Steichen. "They showed her so many times, I think it was almost too much."