It's not Miller time

Updated: January 12, 2006, 4:44 PM ET
Bode Miller gave his expected apology today for the skiing-while-drunk comments he made on "60 Minutes" Sunday. Crisis management expert Mike Paul looked at the words attributed to Miller in the most recent story and said that the alpine skier has to say more. "If his goal was to be blunt, he did it," said Paul, who runs MGP & Associates PR. "But your goal in this kind of situation is never to be blunt. Sure, there's a spin there, but you have to speak with a true heart and seek empathy." Paul also said Miller should have, at the very least, guaranteed that he would never ski under the influence again as well as talk about alcohol awareness. "He should use his platform to encourage people to drink responsibly."

According to Marketing Evaluations, which runs the Sports Q scores, 25 percent of sports fans ranging from the ages of 12-64, knew of Bode Miller as of March 2005. That's about the same amount of fans that knew of BMX star Dave Mirra and golfers Stewart Cink and Se Ri Pak. (Michael Jordan is tops at 92 percent.) "Given the fact that Bode was on '60 Minutes,' his familiarity will go up," said Henry Schafer, executive vice president of Marketing Evaluations. "But that will be among somewhat older people and it's most likely to skew negatively."