Winthrop says cheese

Updated: March 4, 2006, 3:12 PM ET
By Kyle Whelliston
Back in January, over a couple of his wife's sublime grilled cheese sandwiches, Winthrop head coach Gregg Marshall complained to me that Coastal Carolina head coach Buzz Peterson was getting too much press, detracting from the Big South's real story: Winthrop's string of championships. Peterson hadn't done anything in this league yet, he said (half-jokingly, I'm sure).

This was a couple of weeks before the two semi-shock decisions that CCU dropped on Winthrop: 64-57 at the Eagles' nest in Rock Hill, S.C., on Jan. 24 and the more decisive 64-50 return beating on the South Carolina coast. And it was long before today's league title game, Winthrop's 51-50 bid-clinch that drove Coastal fans certifiable and earned the Eagles their sixth league championship in eight Marshall Era seasons.

In both midseason Chanticleer-Eagle matchups, Coastal beat them fair and square. Buzz's Bunch was the only team in the BSC to outrebound WU this season, eclipsing them on the glass both times they played. Coastal also shot at least 49 percent from the floor in both games, and were the only Big South team to manage a 50 percent performance against the Eagle D.