Selig shouldn't investigate Bonds

Updated: March 15, 2006, 10:26 AM ET
ESPN The Magazine has an adaptation of Jeff Pearlman's biography on Barry Bonds, "Love Me, Hate Me," and within this piece, there is reporting of an extraordinary scene, from after the 1998 season, in which one Hall of Fame candidate tells another that he has made up his mind he's going to use steroids.

"You know what," Bonds says to Ken Griffey Jr., and three others, as reported in the book. "I had a helluva season last year, and nobody gave a crap. Nobody. As much as I've complained about [Mark] McGwire and [Jose] Canseco and all of the bull with steroids, I'm tired of fighting it. I turn 35 this year. I've got three or four good seasons left, and I wanna get paid. I'm just gonna start using some hard-core stuff, and hopefully it won't hurt my body. Then I'll get out of the game and be done with it."

The biography, in the wake of last week's pieces of information, will only increase the public pressure on commissioner Bud Selig to do something. And if he decides to begin an investigation into Bonds' alleged steroid use, Selig will have just about boxed himself into some subsequent course of action, such as a suspension, because let's face it, he's probably going to find something -- and if he investigates and does nothing, Selig is going to look terribly weak.