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Updated: April 14, 2006, 1:47 AM ET
By Elias Sports Bureau, Inc. | Special to ESPN Insider
A daily glance inside the numbers from the world of sports:


• Has anyone else noticed? The hits, the runs, the homers. In the 137 major league games played through Thursday, teams had averaged a collective .273 batting average, while averaging 10.8 runs per game, 2.62 home runs per game, and a home run every 26.3 at-bats.

Yes, it's early, but those numbers are off the charts. The last season in which the major league batting average finished as high as .273 was 1939; the last time the majors finished averaging at least 10.8 runs per game was in 1930; and there has never been a season in which the home-run rate finished as high as it has been through the first 137 games this season, whether measured by home runs per game or at-bats per home run.