Originally Published: May 25, 2006
By Scott Engel | ESPN Fantasy Games
Pinpointing the top 15 choices in this year's draft isn't easy. There are no sure things, not even at the No. 1 slot, and rumors of possible deals make forecasting even more difficult. While USC RB Reggie Bush appears to be the consensus No. 1 choice, there are no guarantees he will end up in a Texans uniform. He might not be a full-time feature back in his first pro season, hurting his initial fantasy draft value a bit, For your ESPN Draft Forecasting purposes, though, it's pretty safe to assume Bush will be selected first, even if it's by a team other than Houston. There could be some jostling for the top quarterbacks once Bush is off the board, and it will be interesting to see where Maryland tight end Vernon Davis, a unique talent, and USC offensive tackle Winston Justice end up. Bush might be the only RB selected in the top 15, as an emphasis is placed on defense, highly coveted offensive tackles and a top wide receiver or two.


1. Reggie Bush RB, USC: It would certainly be no shock to see him picked first overall, as the Texans could use a superstar of his magnitude to sell tickets and raise a lot of interest in a mediocre franchise. But Houston won't be addressing a primary need by picking Bush, and they could trade down to be in a position to take Virginia OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who gives them the monster blocker they need to truly make their offense click. Houston isn't weak at the primary skill positions, but still needs better blockers for David Carr and Domanick Davis. The Jets could be a team to make a move for Bush, giving the Texans more flexibility to address their needs by trading down. Bush projects to be an instant third-round pick in fantasy leagues in 2006 if he splits some time with Davis or Curtis Martin. Top Alternative Pick: It would be a major surprise, but the Texans could simply tab Ferguson here to address their most pressing need.