Another bull's-eye for John Lott Jr.

"The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Guns Is Wrong" is a must-read for lawmakers.

Updated: May 31, 2006, 7:22 PM ET
By James A. Swan, Ph.D. | Author
"In Defense of Hunting"

When John Lott Jr.'s best-selling book, "More Guns, Less Crime," came out in 1998, it sent shockwaves through the gun-control movement.

Lott is an economist by trade. He knows how to cut through the bull about guns and get to the basic facts. He knows how to analyze the data to glean out the truth.

In "More Guns, Less Crime," Lott showed that, contrary to the collective sentiment of many gun-control groups, taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding people invites criminals to commit ...

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Bull's-eye for Lott Jr.