Mailbag: Stadium list gripes

Updated: June 9, 2006, 1:58 PM ET
This week's list about stadiums actually drew even more reaction than the football states list, and the accompanying poll generated almost 100,000 votes, which was amazes me. I've included a handful of responses as well as some notes and attempted to track down whatever football players were drafted by major league teams this week. (The MLB Draft is still pretty murky.) If you know of others, please submit them and I'll post it Monday.

From Dale in Salem, Ore: No mention of Oregon? Autzen is amazing. I'll bet you get a number of "Oregon" responses here.

You're right. The two most vocal of the slighted fan bases were from Oregon and LSU. I was actually at Autzen a few years back when the Ducks beat Michigan. It is a great setting. And, not that it factors in much, but it also has the nicest press box I've seen for a college stadium. It was on my initial list, but then got bumped after I remembered Michie. It should've been at the top of the Just Missed the Cut section.