Decades-old passion, rivalry lasts

Updated: July 13, 2006, 11:55 AM ET
ESPN Classic hosted a 32-team tournament to determine the greatest team of all time Wednesday night, and as the 1939 Yankees, the 1905 Giants, the '07 Cubs, the '63 Dodgers, the '98 Yankees and the '12 Red Sox got knocked out, there was much debate on and off camera. But no one was more vocal about the results than former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, who became increasingly perplexed as the '75 Cincinnati Reds advanced through the brackets.

The final straw for Tommy came when the '75 Reds beat the '55 Dodgers -- a team for which Tommy played -- in the National League finals. We went to commercial break just before the final segment, and Jim Palmer, Lasorda, Orel Hershiser and others who participated were shuttled off to the side and told to wait until the final moments, when we would join Karl Ravech on the set.

Nobody told us explicitly, however, to be quiet. And Tommy, a coach and manager for the Dodgers in the '70s, had some things to say. "That's unbelievable!" he said. "I saw that pitching staff. We beat their brains in in '77. What are they talking about?"