Jets' rookies starting early

Updated: July 21, 2006, 9:36 PM ET
In case you're wondering, the Jets' conditioning drills for rookies from July 20-27 is only a pre-camp. The official start of camp is July 27 and the first practice is July 28. That buys the organization time to sign its 10 draft choices. The Jets have a good history of getting their draft choices in camp on time, and they appear to be confident of getting every one signed in time this year. There shouldn't be a panic if a few aren't done by Thursday's supposed reporting day for rookies in the pre-camp. The real show doesn't start for another week.

Prognosis good for Davis: The word out of Dallas is that safety Keith Davis should be able to play this summer despite being shot in a driving incident over the weekend. Davis is currently the starter but he's also a valuable special teams player. Had Davis been deemed unable to play, the Cowboys would have been forced to work either veteran Marcus Coleman or rookie fifth-round choice Pat Watkins into a starting role.