Managers, stay in your dugouts

If NFL and NBA coaches can't run out on the field or court and yell at the refs, why can baseball managers throw such fits without penalty?

Updated: July 21, 2006, 3:59 PM ET
By Skip Bayless | Page 2

Before I'm accused of being a communist and told by a torch-carrying mob of e-mailers to move to freakin' Siberia, let me drive home this point: I LOVE BASEBALL.

I'm addicted to our grand old game. I all but inject it every night. Royals, D-Rays, Pirates -- I'll watch anything with pitchers and hitters. Just give me my baseball and I'm one mellow fellow.

Until, that is, a manager runs onto the field and throws a fit over an umpire's call. Only then do I go nuts.

And ...

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