Quarterback controversies

Updated: August 22, 2006, 12:45 PM ET
It's amusing to follow fans' reactions to a big decision by their coach. As Josh Kendall chronicled today, Mark Richt's move to name Joe Tereshinski as Georgia's starting QB made for an entertaining day on the Dawg fan sites:

"I feel we just settled for 3rd or 4th in the SEC East with 7 or 8 wins," writes a fan identified as SuthnDawg. "We may have only won that many with the other three QB candidates, but I would have felt we had a chance to win more games, and certainly see some improvement as the season went along. This has to be a blow, no other way to say it."

My three cents: I wasn't surprised Joe T. was named the starter above hotshot freshman Matthew Stafford. (Although I didn't expect Stafford to be tagged the third guy because that means he won't get many reps at all in practice with No. 2 guy Joe Cox getting the leftovers.) My hunch is that Joe T. holds the job for about a month before Stafford takes over, but we'll obviously have to see how this plays out.