Teahen's progress stalled for now

Updated: September 8, 2006, 9:26 AM ET
Public address announcements could be heard in the background the other day, through Mark Teahen's cell phone. If he had his way, the PA shout-outs would've come at Kauffman Stadium, and he would've been on the field, putting the final touches on a season in which he rediscovered the power in his swing.

But the Royals' third baseman was sitting in an airport terminal in Denver, en route to California, where he faces shoulder surgery and the first days of rehabilitation. "It's a tough time to walk away, considering how we are playing," Teahen said.

His shoulder problem is not a new issue for him; he had a magnetic resonance imaging scan at the end of spring training, and knew that something was wrong. By having surgery now, he will have enough time, even with a worst-case scenario, to be back at full strength by the end of spring training next year, and regain his place as a key part of the Royals' future.