Parting shots in Tennessee

Updated: September 20, 2006, 9:23 PM ET
For Titans coach Jeff Fisher to say Wednesday quarterback Billy Volek lied to him and threw the organization under the bus, Fisher had to be steamed. Fisher is one of the most standup coaches in the league and one of the most supportive player's coaches. What apparently angered him was Volek's parting shot, that he felt the organization threw him under the bus. Fisher came back to say, "Billy threw this organization under the bus along with a number of his teammates." Making our way through the fire, it has to be said Volek had the entire preseason to show he could be Tennessee's starting quarterback -- and didn't. Part of the problem might be some holes at wide receiver, but the Titans do have David Givens and Drew Bennett. They also have a decent offensive line and good running backs. Volek didn't generate an offensive spark during the preseason and it can be argued that the organization panicked when it signed Kerry Collins before the regular season. If anything, the Titans risked a slow start by not signing Collins before the start of training camp, but they felt obliged to give Volek a chance to start. He's a good backup. Maybe, given another chance, he could be a good starter. But the Titans gave him a shot this summer. Volek would have done better than to leave without saying anything venomous. It would have been more unfair to him if Collins were signed before camp and Volek wouldn't have had the chance to win the starting job on his own.

Meeting of the mouths? Chad Johnson was a little subdued -- and funny -- Wednesday. The Bengals wide receiver is still recovering from a bone-jarring, helmet-removing hit during Sunday's game against the Browns. He said he can't turn his head to the left, he can't look to the right, he can't raise his right shoulder and he can't eat McDonald's because he's on a liquid diet due to a sore jaw. "It's the first time I got hit in six years," Johnson said. "Somebody's got to pay." So Johnson called out Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, whom he called the mouth of the team. He wants Porter to meet him in the middle of the field Sunday when the two teams meet.

Favre committed to Green Bay: Brett Favre cleared up any rumors Wednesday about wanting to be traded to a better team. He doesn't want to go anywhere. Asked if he would go to another team in a trade, Favre said he didn't think he would. With the trading deadline coming up in mid-October, the Packers have no interest in dealing him. Favre is happy to be a Packer even though the team isn't very good. End of story.