Week 5: Engel's Mailbag

Updated: October 6, 2006, 3:51 PM ET
By Scott Engel | ESPN Fantasy Games
Roger, Irvine, Calif.: I am interested to hear your thoughts on two rookie WRs that have been playing well: Greg Jennings and Marques Colston. Do you think they are the real deal and worthy of a lineup spot each week at this point? Are they worthy of a flex/WR spot over established, but underachieving WRs like Chris Chambers or Joey Galloway, or an inconsistent RB like Reuben Droughns?

Engel: Of the two, I slightly prefer Jennings, who quickly has emerged as a go-to guy for Brett Favre, as opposing defenses have focused more on Donald Driver. Jennings should start to see more defensive attention now that he is starting to make a name for himself, but he has rare poise, toughness, smarts and breakaway ability in one package for a rookie. Favre has no other choice except to go to him and Driver, and he'll continue to throw often. Colston has also benefited from defensive attention being shifted elsewhere, as Joe Horn and Reggie Bush command the focus of many defensive backfields, leaving Colston in single coverage or more open to find soft spots in zones. But I think Colston could be due for a down performance or two soon, because the Saints will spread the ball around on offense and Colston could see a slight drop in production if Horn and Bush start to get the ball more in key situations. But until either one suffers a sharp drop in production, I would start both, especially Jennings, over Galloway, who now works with an inexperienced QB. I'd always start Jennings over Chambers, but Chambers and Colston might come down to a close call that ultimately would be decided by matchups. Past reputation on Chambers and Galloway now matters much less, when Jennings and Colston have played better and have earned the right to start over both Chambers and Galloway.