Engel: Out Of The Box

Updated: October 17, 2006, 2:20 PM ET
By By Scott Engel | ESPN.com
While the Bears did manage a miraculous comeback on Monday night, you can't give Rex Grossman credit for it. The Bears may be reveling in victory, but some owners of Grossman are as mad as Dennis Green was in his postgame press conference on Monday night.

Green was left groping for answers after Arizona's embarrassing meltdown, and Grossman's owners are still trying to understand while the suddenly "reborn" Bears quarterback looked very Ryan Leaf-like against one of the NFL's most vulnerable defenses. Grossman finished with a seemingly unreal total of -7 points in ESPN.com leagues, as he threw four interceptions and lost two fumbles. He didn't throw a single TD pass and totaled only 148 passing yards.

Football is definitely a game of emotion, and a fired-up Arizona defense played over its heads in a rare chance to perform in front of a national audience and a big crowd. The Chicago offensive line appeared to have no answer for Arizona's tremendous pass pressure. Plus, you must also give credit to Arizona's coaching staff, at least for fine defensive game planning.