Gore, Jackson equally good

Updated: October 19, 2006, 5:29 PM ET
Some readers have posed the question as to who is the better running back, Frank Gore or Steven Jackson. Gore entered Week 6 tied for the NFL lead in rushing (465 yards) with Jackson, his fellow NFC West running back. They are now separated by only one yard with Jackson having the edge. As both players enjoy their bye week, I figured it would be fair to take a quick look at both players and see how they stack up against one another. This should be interesting to watch seeing that both players will have the opportunity to play on the same pace for the remainder of the season. Gore has garnered praise in recent weeks from experts from around the league and even earned NFC Player of the Week honors after his Week 5, 134-yard performance against the woeful Oakland Raiders. The 49ers' management had even entertained extending the current contract of Gore, but held off after his less than stunning start of the season with his fumble problems. Now that he has seemingly fixed his fumble problem, Gore looks to be making a name for himself in the NFL.

Jackson is an outstanding runner and has much more power than Gore. Jackson stands at an impressive 6-foot-2, 231 pounds, whereas Gore is 5-foot-9, 212 pounds. Jackson is able to use his speed and power to break through arm tackles and has been a nightmare for opposing defensive backs once he gets to the secondary level. There are not too many running backs in the NFL who are as big as Jackson and bring the speed, power and hands that he does to the position. It is not always about a running back's physical attributes, but Jackson is a rare exception to the rule. While Jackson has not obtained any Player of the Week honors he has been a very important piece to the Rams getting out to a comfortable 4-2 start in the NFC West.