Williams playing better, Eli worse

Updated: December 1, 2006, 4:23 PM ET
Roy Williams is tied for fifth in the NFL with five interceptions and has come under some fire for getting caught out of position on some deep balls. If you look at his numbers he is doing a good job as a deep safety. He has been tested (thrown at) 40 times so far this season giving up only 14 completions with 11 passes defensed. He is allowing just 35 percent of the balls thrown his way to be caught on him, which is down from 63 percent earlier in the year. Williams is giving up over 19 yards a completion but unfortunately all it takes is one explosive pass to throw those numbers off.

Williams has given up five touchdowns with most coming in the red zone off of man-to-man coverage on some pretty good tight ends like Jeremy Shockey and Dallas Clark. Man coverage is not one of Williams' strong suits, especially if he can not get his hands on his coverage.