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Updated: December 6, 2006, 1:42 PM ET
By Joy Russo
You better show some love to the B's after going on the road to Toronto in consecutive games and convincingly beating them. These were complete victories for the B's with the highlight being Paul Mara's beating of Darcy Tucker in the first game.
-- Jay (Boston)

Look, I know you guys really don't have many Bruins fans on the staff (those of you who are, stay strong), but really, I want you guys to start being aware of the fact that the Bruins squad this season is hell bent on turning things around. We are playing much harder than in previous seasons, getting better production from all areas of our offense, getting big division wins over toronto and ottawa, and get no love whatsoever. Also, you have constantly harped on us constantly being near the cellar for the majority of the first quarter of the season. We are 7-3-0 in our last 10 games, on pace with division foes Montreal and Buffalo. Sure, we have our ugly losses here and there, but every team does. you all may be dead set on being Bruins haters, but at least have the awareness to realize that we are improving every aspect of our games, finding ways to win, and getting back on track. Don't treat us like we're nothing. Thanks.
-- Matt (Boston)