Dolphins D hardly a scrub

Updated: December 12, 2006, 1:33 PM ET
By Jason Langendorf | ESPN.com
Those fantasy owners good and lucky enough to still have something left to play for will hear several names repeated in the next few days: Vince Young, Sammy Morris, Devery Henderson, Artose Pinner, Matt Leinart, Santonio Holmes. All are being billed as possibly available and potentially valuable additions for the fantasy playoffs season.

For the most part, I'm on board with all of them. Now, here's something I couldn't disagree with more: grabbing one of them and calling it a day. Too often owners scan the list of available free agents among the skill positions to bolster depth or fill a flex spot, then go back to munching their Hot Pockets in front of a "Scrubs" rerun.

Seriously, why waste the time and energy to do the job halfway -- and maybe the lesser half, at that? Injuries occasionally turn a backup running back into a contributor, but how often is anything significantly better than replacement value found on the waiver wire at the glamour positions, especially in Week 14? Meantime, at least one not-so-hidden gem gets ignored every week in many leagues, at a position that is less volatile and more predictable than any other in fantasy football: defense/special teams.