Vidro adds little value to M's

Updated: December 18, 2006, 4:59 PM ET
I have no idea what the Mariners were thinking. None. I had to take two ibuprofen tablets after I learned about the deal so that I could write this analysis.

Jose Vidro is an old 33: His knees are shot, he can't play the field anymore, and his power is gone. He'll be one of the worst designated hitters in the American League, and he just bumped a superior hitter, Ben Broussard, out of that role. Yes, Chris Snelling is a Man of Glass, and he's out of options, but he has actual ability and is still just 25 years old. Yes, Emiliano Fruto has below-average control, but he's 22, has a plus fastball and solid-average change, and has less than a year of major league service. And to make this even more ridiculous, the Mariners apparently are going to pick up Vidro's option for 2009 -- by which point he'll need a walker to get to first base without help from two teammates.