Bears might park Tank

Updated: December 18, 2006, 1:55 AM ET
The prevailing thought out of Chicago is that Tank Johnson's days are numbered. The only thing preventing him from being cut now is the collective bargaining agreement. The Bears can't simply release him without checking out all the ramifications. Thanks to the Terrell Owens problems of last year, teams can suspend a player for four games but have to document any release for non-football related activity.

Tank lost his support in the locker room by being out on Friday and being in a club in which his bodyguard was shot dead. Players won't accept him back. The only way he stays on the roster is because of legalities. His Bears days are done.

NFC mired in mediocrity: In Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and other NFC cities, the talk is about the mediocrity of the conference. While that is completely true, someone has to win the conference.