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Updated: February 15, 2007, 1:24 PM ET
By Joy Russo
The Penguins 5th? Come on, they haven't lost a game in regulation in over a month. (12-0-2) The 'burgh needs a little respect here!
-- Pittsburgh

I was very pleased to see the Penguins at No. 5 (I'm a Pens fan). But I just can't help but think that's a little too high. Last season' they were the worst team in hockey until the very end of the year when the Blues narrowly beat them out for that dishonor. So, could the Pens really have improved that much? I have my doubts. They probably should be ranked about 8 or 9. But thanks for noticing their recent surge and for the good words about their great young players.
-- John Steimer (Knoxville, TN)