Flat-out mean and ugly: 10 scariest fish on planet

Flat-out mean and ugly: The 10 scariest fish on the planet

Updated: May 22, 2007, 12:34 PM ET
By Keith "Catfish" Sutton | Special to ESPN Outdoors.com — Feb. 28, 2007

Part I

The rest of the the meanest, ugliest game fish in the world.

Giant Trahira

Brazil's giant trahira looks like something that should be chasing Sigourney Weaver around a spaceship.

This little-known fish weighs up to 50 pounds and has chompers that look like they could bite through nails. Think "nuclear walleye" and you'll have a good picture.

When hooked, this evil-looking primitive does a tarpon-on-steroids impersonation, jumping repeatedly.

You'll ...

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