Goodell plays the role of new sheriff in town perfectly

In the past, the NFL was reluctant to punish so swiftly, so sternly. Not anymore. Roger Goodell's lengthy suspensions of Pacman Jones and Chris Henry sent a much-needed message to the players, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Originally Published: April 10, 2007
By Len Pasquarelli | ESPN.com

As personification of the egalitarian principles that serve as underpinnings for this country's legal system, Lady Justice always is shown wearing a blindfold.

Roger Goodell never will be so depicted.

At least not after Tuesday afternoon, when the NFL commissioner, still in the on-the-job-training period of his new gig, brought down a more strident but much-needed style of justice on the league's most notorious incorrigibles, Tennessee cornerback Pacman Jones and Cincinnati ...

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