NBA QBs in control

Updated: May 1, 2007, 5:11 PM ET
By Jim O'Brien
I am a huge sports fan. It doesn't matter what the season, there is always a game to watch or someone to root for, or against.

On Saturday I was at a bar named Handsome Harry's in Old Naples, Florida. One of the reasons for being there was the fact that they have three flat screen TVs in a fairly small bar area. I wanted to watch the last game in the Detroit-Orlando series and also keep an eye on Red Sox-Yankees game. If I was really lucky they would have the Byron Nelson PGA tour event on the third channel. This would be my version of paradise.

I was disappointed when I walked in to see on the main screen handsome Harry had the NFL draft on front and center. One of the two corner screens had the baseball game on and the third screen had the draft on also. I have to admit I do not get the passion that some people seem to have about the NFL draft and I love pro football.