Schill's words ring hollow

Updated: May 7, 2007, 1:29 PM ET
Curt Schilling posted this on his blog overnight:

"Would it have been nice to pitch with Roger Clemens? Absolutely. Would he have helped us be a better team? I honestly don't know. Julian [Tavarez] has held his own in the 5th spot and we got a young left hander that went 7-2 last year in the big leagues that's chomping at the bit to get back here. I am sure his signing was a pretty nice lift for them given the decimating injuries they've gone through to this point but I felt before the season, and even more so now, that this team is built to win a World Series as it's comprised right now. We have the pieces, we have the chemistry and to this point we've had our health. If we stay somewhat healthy through the year then our fate will be totally on us. We don't need anyone else to 'get us over the hump' or make that late push. This roster right now can win a World Series, but it's going to fall on the players to make that happen."

Schilling and Clemens have a relationship that goes way back, and Schilling has always been open about his respect for Clemens and his appreciation for words that Clemens spoke to him early in his career. And you know that Schilling is saying what needs to be said in situations like this: Hey, we like our team as it is. The Red Sox have Jon Lester on the way, so they didn't need Clemens, in the way that the Yankees need him -- desperately.