JVG ... Take your time

Updated: May 7, 2007, 11:04 AM ET
By Jim O'Brien
As we continue through this very, very entertaining postseason there is one thing I am absolutely sure about, and it is has nothing to do with the games. It has to do with personal decisions, and in particular the one that Jeff Van Gundy may or may not make about his future with the team.

Do not make a decision about your future or someone else's future when you are exhausted and mentally beat up.

How you feel after coaching an NBA season is a complex one. When there are no more games to play your whole psyche is compromised. There is a big part of you that realizes that the season is over and there is another part of you that is absolutely addicted to the rush of preparing your team for the next game. One part of your brain understands the reality of the situation the other part of your brain can not turn off the adrenaline rush of competition that your brain has been feeding off of for the previous seven months. You might even refer to this as a sort of competitive addiction.