NBA draft harder than it looks

Updated: May 7, 2007, 11:14 AM ET
As the NFL draft ends and the NBA draft approaches, everyone in the media is giving their opinions on players and prospects, and that is how it should be. I think it is great that people opine on the best players to draft, and the players that should be passed over. That is part of the interest in the enterprise and the fun of it.

However, there are some in the media that believe that scouting and drafting is easy, and that they can do it better than current NBA personnel can and do.

I disagree. Scouting, evaluating and drafting prospects is tough stuff, and the NBA personnel that I know are really smart and well prepared throughout the process. They do their due diligence and their homework, and they care deeply about the job they do. I have enormous respect for the jobs that GMs and scouts have to do, and how they do it. It is extremely difficult to scout and evaluate the landscape of the game, and make decisions about prospects and how they will fit into the league and a particular team. And, they have to do it with draft slots and salary caps that they have little control over in many cases.