Another batch of random thoughts

Updated: July 10, 2007, 11:59 AM ET
By Dan Rafael
• Wladimir Klitschko might not be recognized as THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD at the moment, but don't you think he's seriously beginning to put some distance between himself and the rest of the division? Right now, he's clearly the best big man on the planet. In his last five fights he has outpointed Samuel Peter, everyone's No. 1 contender, and emphatically stopped Chris Byrd, Calvin Brock, Ray Austin (in a wretched mandatory you can't blame him for) and Lamon Brewster in a revenge match. That's a hell of a run that no other active heavyweight can come close to matching over the past couple of years.

• Considering how washed-up they looked in their recent fights, maybe Jose Luis Castillo ought to move up to fight Brewster. Castillo, after all, has never had any problem putting on weight.

• The junior middleweight division used to be one of boxing's most star-studded. Now it's desolate. Floyd Mayweather Jr. renounced his belt to move back to welterweight last week. Sugar Shane Mosley returned to welterweight earlier in the year. Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga are moving up to middleweight to fight each other Sept. 8. Kassim Ouma has also moved up in weight. Oscar De La Hoya is still hanging around, but he's a part-time fighter who won't be back in the ring until at least next spring. That leaves us with the following titleholders: Cory Spinks, Joachim Alcine, Sergei Dzindziruk and the winner of the July 28 Vernon Forrest-Carlos Baldomir fight. They're all good fighters, but none are very exciting, and Alcine and Dzindziruk are virtual unknowns. Frankly, none of the possible unification bouts are even very interesting.