Donaghy shouldn't mar all refs

Updated: July 23, 2007, 6:39 PM ET
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves with regard to gambling and point-shaving allegations involving NBA referee Tim Donaghy, we need to step back a bit. Any improper actions on the part of Donaghy or any other official or player, if proven, might reflect badly upon officials in general. But reasonable people cannot and should not question every official because of the actions of one or a few. It doesn't and shouldn't work that way.

If you doubt that, ask any writer or journalist how the public should view them in light of the Jayson Blair or Stephen Glass scandals, both of whom simply made up stories for the New York Times and New Republic, respectively. Is the Enron scandal the baseline view of all CEOs? Of course not. And Tim Donaghy is not the norm with regard to officials. The vast majority of officials in any sport are hard-working, honest and care only about doing the job right.