Eli ready to take charge

Updated: July 27, 2007, 12:58 PM ET
Eli Manning said something a few weeks ago that raised a few eyebrows among Giants fans. He was at Grand Central Station, making an appearance for a golf tournament, when he took a few questions and was asked about Tiki Barber, his former teammate whose on-field greatness is matched only by his talent for self-promotion. Manning was asked a simple football question: How would life be without Barber in the backfield?

"I don't think we're concerned," Manning said. "We're excited by the players that we have who wanted to return for this season, and who wanted to be a part of the Giants and play." He later added: "You lose Tiki and someone has to step into the role of leader on offense, and I'm excited about the opportunity."

Now, those statements were broken down like a botched three-step drop.