Don't be surprised if Wells surfaces

Updated: August 9, 2007, 1:01 PM ET
During David Wells' long career, he has often angered employers because he refused to do what they wanted him do -- stuff like staying in shape. But somewhere within Wells, there is a core of accountability, which is why he has been such a great postseason pitcher (save for the 2003 World Series). So it is not surprising that when Wells was told by the Padres that he was being cut, because of his ineffectiveness, his initial reaction, behind closed doors, was gracious. Kevin Towers, the Padres' general manager, recalled over the phone Wednesday evening that Wells said, "Hey, I understand, I haven't been getting the job done." Wells was truly awful the last six weeks, allowing more than a run an inning.

He got on a plane almost immediately and flew up to his place in Michigan to lay low, to consider his options. At take-off, I bet, he was seriously thinking about retirement.

By landing, however, the iconoclast within Wells -- the part of him that has had a problem with authority figures -- had probably taken over his psyche. I bet that by the time Wells landed, he was thinking: The heck with the Padres. I am going to stick it to them. He is competitive, and he is always better with a chip on his shoulder.