Cameron charges up Miami offense

Updated: August 31, 2007, 11:06 AM ET
By Marwan Maalouf
In recent years, fans and opposing teams alike anticipate a solid and aggressive Dolphins' defense anchored by perennial Pro Bowlers Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. That isn't going to change this season, but since the hiring of head coach Cam Cameron all eyes have been on the improving offense.

Will Miami's offense resemble the schemes and plays ran in San Diego a year ago, where Cameron was the offensive coordinator, or will he add his own personal twist to keep opponents guessing?

Trent Green
Ronnie Brown
Running back Ronnie Brown runs well between the tackles, which means that gap schemes like the Power-O and Inside Zone, which Cameron ran in San Diego, should be favorites. Draw plays on first or second down and a dose of play-action, especially when the defensive ends are pinching down, will keep opposing defensive coordinators on their toes. Plus, veteran fullback Cory Schlesinger will thrive in the Power-O and Inside Zone schemes by kicking out the defensive ends and allowing Brown to cut off those blocks. Schlesinger will also be the lead blocker if Cameron decides to run isolation plays inside.