Ozzie rips ... again ... and again

Updated: August 31, 2007, 9:54 AM ET
Ozzie Guillen continued to criticize the White Sox, after their most recent defeat.

I thought more about what Ozzie said in his postgame rant Wednesday night, and here's another problem with it: Not all 25 players on his team have quit. Odds are that the vast majority of them are trying like heck, but they just aren't very good, as this stage in their respective careers. If Ozzie believes that individual players are dogging it, well, then it's probably best for him to call those individuals into his office and blast them privately.

But to rip into all of his players collectively and suggest that they don't care is simply unfair. For example: Jose Contreras has had a miserable season, and it may well turn out that he isn't going to get better. But Contreras is also a person of high integrity, and he cares, and he's trying like crazy; he's just not very good right now. If Ozzie thinks that some of the players are just not that good, well, then play somebody else. It serves no purpose to demean them, collectively.