QBs and defenses the focus for Cards, Niners

The Cardinals and 49ers enter their MNF matchup with quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Alex Smith looking much improved.

Originally Published: December 29, 2006
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
The Cardinals and 49ers finish up Week 1 in the NFL with the second game of a Monday Night Football doubleheader (10:15 PM, ESPN), and Scouts Inc. tells you what to watch for as the first week of football wraps up.

• New head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been tough on quarterback Matt Leinart in the preseason, as Leinart has been a little sloppy in his footwork and drops. Whisenhunt is a perfectionist and he won't allow anything less from his quarterback. In response, Leinart is getting better in the film room and clearly wants to correct his mistakes. He is getting better with his reads, and if receivers are not open he is willing to dump the ball to a running back rather than doing unnecessary scrambling.