Weekend watch, Clemens, Drew, etc.

Updated: September 14, 2007, 3:40 PM ET
So how much attention did you pay to fantasy baseball last Sunday, when the first full day of fantasy football was under way? I admit I was checking back and forth. Of course I was watching as much football as possible and writing a blog about it, and seeing the Eagles muff away what should have been a win, but I had the baseball scoreboard open on another computer, and during commercials watched the Phillies pound Dontrelle Willis. Hey, this is a busy time for the sports fan, and fantasy owners feel the pressure.

You've got the first few weeks of fantasy football, in which I'd argue you don't win your leagues, but certainly can lose it, and the final few weeks of fantasy baseball, in which you can win and lose. The head-to-head playoffs in most leagues, if they haven't already begun, will this Monday, and I have one noteworthy league in which I'll bring the top seed to the table, but realize it means little: It's the ESPNEWS Hot List league, or the proper name "La Liga De la Lista Caliente."

The playoffs are set, with me, anchors Brian Kenny and Dari Nowkhah and producer Jeff Wheatley. Other fine people, including Michael Kim and Jay Harris, will miss the playoffs and can concentrate on Fantasy NASCAR starting Monday. Of course I won't talk trash. I am well aware that in any head-to-head fantasy game, there's only so much one can control in the playoffs, and regular season numbers are meaningless. The best teams in terms of record are guaranteed nothing. It's actually true, that top seeds in fantasy football don't even win half the time. I would guess the percentage in baseball is only a little bit more.