Leftwich a better option for Falcons

Updated: September 18, 2007, 4:59 PM ET
By Matt Williamson
The Falcons signing of Byron Leftwich is a desperation move in some regards as Leftwich doesn't really fit the Atlanta offense, but at this point what do the Falcons have to lose?

Joey Harrington
Byron Leftwich
Leftwich is a better quarterback than current starter Joey Harrington, but he is at his best with a solid running game and especially behind a very good offensive line. Because of his long windup and his extreme willingness to stand in and deliver the ball in the face of a big rush, Leftwich takes a ton of big hits. He also is not the most mobile guy around, which obviously is in distinct conflict with the plays new head coach Bobby Petrino developed for former quarterback Michael Vick.

Still, Harrington certainly is not the answer. He isn't nearly as tough as Leftwich and does not have the same arm strength, and perhaps most importantly Leftwich has a better head for the game and has had previous success in the NFL. Harrington has been gun shy this year, far too conservative with his decisions and looking too fearful of throwing a costly interception. He has held the ball too long in the pocket and isn't processing information quickly enough. Leftwich values the football but isn't afraid to take a shot downfield and is a very good deep passer. This should benefit the Falcons' wide receiver corps, particularly Roddy White.