Hooked on 'The Contender'

Updated: September 26, 2007, 10:29 AM ET
By Dan Rafael
I didn't like the first two seasons of "The Contender," but, yeah, I'm hooked on the third season, even though I already know the results of the taped fights. Regardless, you know where I was Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET -- in front of the TV with my wife watching the third episode on ESPN. Some thoughts on Episode 3:

• Even if I didn't already know the outcome, I would have picked Sam Soliman to beat Max Alexander during the featured fight. Based on the edited version, it sure looked like a pretty good and competitive fight, although a bit sloppy at times. I'll be interested to see the uncut five rounds on ESPN2 on Thursday night. Soliman isn't a big puncher, but he cut Alexander over the left eye and it looked like he had a big third round before knocking Alexander down in the fourth round. Also, I thought Alexander should have been docked a point for spitting out his mouthpiece. And how could you not love Soliman's seemingly spontaneous post-knockdown karate kick dance across the ring? He looked a little like Ralph Macchio's Daniel Larusso from the "Karate Kid."