Week 3 Player Rankings

Updated: September 19, 2007, 8:40 PM ET
Now we start to get to that time of the fantasy football season where there are cumulative stats, and on the surface, most of them don't look so good. Think about the questions you ask and the topics in general by Week 3, and most of them are negative. When will my top pick stop stinking? Is it too early to give up in this guy? Should I make this trade, even though I realize I'm getting hosed? Even when it comes to players doing well, the question always is, Was that a fluke?

These are the questions for Week 3, because we don't hear from the happy fantasy football owners. Oh, they are out there. Not everyone in every league can be winless, so someone must be winning. But the happy fantasy owners, they keep to themselves, confident that they're the only ones who have good players. They don't write in confidently to say they're going undefeated. They're still worried about that one struggling player on the squad, the kicker who isn't in the top 10.

I want to take the positive spin. Lots of good things have happened so far in two weeks. The Patriots are a juggernaut. The Texans apparently have game. And you can always use your players against the Bengals. Positive steps.