Outtakes: Jeff Burton swings in for a pit stop with Kevin Harvick

Who's Kevin Harvick's favorite superhero? Jeff Burton knows. He's faster than a speeding ... well, you'll have to read the rest in Outtakes.

Updated: October 2, 2007, 6:00 PM ET
ESPN The Magazine

Kevin Harvick says his wife tells him he drives like an old man. In his Silverado. At least he told that to Jeff Burton in the most recent edition of Outtakes.

Jeff Burton: Who's your favorite superhero?

Kevin Harvick: Superman. I like that he appears to be this normal guy and then transforms into a stud when somebody needs help.

JB: People say we look like superheroes in our fire suits.

KH: Yeah, but no one looks good wearing a fire suit.

JB: You don't look good ...

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