Bright future for youth in NLCS

Updated: October 11, 2007, 10:55 AM ET
A longtime scout raved on Wednesday about the young players in the NL Championship Series, chatting over possible comparisons of some of the talent. Arizona's Justin Upton has hand and bat speed like that of Gary Sheffield, he said. Ubaldo Jimenez generally has the stuff and style comparable -- maybe not the curveball, but certainly the fastball -- to that of Justin Verlander, he said. Stephen Drew is going to be a shortstop for a very long time in the big leagues, he said. Colorado closer Manny Corpas could have a special career because of his incredible command of both sides of the plate, he said.

He went on and on, talking about Mark Reynolds and Chris Young ("He's Mike Cameron, and could be an even better hitter, in the end) and Conor Jackson and, of course, maybe the best of all of the young players in this series, Colorado shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, who already has been likened to a young Derek Jeter because of his presence and an older Cal Ripken because of his seeming understanding of how to play shortstop.