Kitna could be in trouble

Updated: November 14, 2007, 11:21 AM ET
By Doug Kretz
The Giants looked rather vulnerable to the pass in their Week 10 home loss to the Cowboys, giving up four touchdown passes to Dallas QB Tony Romo, including three that went for 20 yards or more. New York CBs Sam Madison and Aaron Ross are both quality cover men who can make plays on the ball and blanket most receivers, but against the Cowboys they could not come up with big plays to turn the game. The bigger problem, though, is that the New York safeties Gibril Wilson and James Butler are much better in run support than in coverage and cannot erase mistakes when the corners are beaten.

Osi Umenyiora
Michael Strahan
And when the Giants' pass rush is slowed down like it was against Dallas things are even tougher. New York relies on quick pressure to force bad throws or get sacks, but the Cowboys' offensive line was good in protection and Romo rolled out of the pocket and made it difficult for the Giants to target their rush. Any good quarterback will find open receivers if he is given enough time, especially one as hot as Romo.

Detroit offensive coordinator Mike Martz has had time to watch this film in advance of the Lions hosting New York in Week 11, and he is no doubt working overtime to find a way to replicate what Dallas did against the Giants. However, the Lions do not have an offensive line that is as strong as the Cowboys' and Detroit QB Jon Kitna is not as mobile as Romo. Martz generally blocks with only the five offensive linemen in an effort to get as many receivers out into patterns as possible and that could very well backfire on the Lions in this game.