Panthers' problem is execution

Updated: November 16, 2007, 10:21 AM ET
By Marwan Maalouf
The Carolina Panthers' offense is making it harder than it really is for an NFL offense. Panthers QB Vinny Testaverde is not throwing the ball and when he does the receivers are not catching it.

Steve Smith
Vinny Testaverde

After watching last Sunday's game film, offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson put Carolina in a position to get first downs, march the field and eventually score. Unfortunately for the Panthers, the players on the field were not executing the plays. Seeing Pro Bowl WR Steve Smith catch a ball along the sideline, take four steps and fumble the ball without being touched by a defender was hard to watch. On top of that, Smith fumbled the ball out of bounds in the end zone, which resulted in a touchback. Plus, seeing Testaverde, who is well past his prime or anything close to it, throw one-hoppers to his intended receivers was embarrassing. What's even worse is when Testaverde can't get the ball to TE Jeff King on a hot route when no one is around him. Or when Testaverde finally makes a good throw, rookie wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett times his jump well, gets two hands on the ball and then watched the ball hit his facemask and roll to the ground.