Adding, dropping Kings in hoops

Updated: November 19, 2007, 5:20 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Fantasy basketball can be a maddening game when you depend on a certain player, but he either doesn't perform or he doesn't get the opportunity to. This John Salmons situation in Sacramento, for example, is annoying. Yes, I am one of the many fantasy owners who enjoyed Salmons' stylings the first two weeks, and yes, I am trying to keep a roster spot for him, just in case coach Reggie Theus changes his mind again. Who knows what he's thinking?

I know Theus' goal is to win games, and he couldn't care less about Salmons' production or how the Kings win, but fantasy owners need to know! One day Salmons is in the top-20 on the ESPN Player Rater, then Ron Artest returns and Salmons doesn't matter. Francisco Garcia looked mighty fine when he was starting, not so much in the last week. And who is this Beno Udrih fella? What an interesting four weeks he's had.

A few days before the regular season, Udrih fractured his left index finger, then was traded by the Spurs to the Timberwolves. OK, fantasy owners thought, if they thought about it all, this could be good news. The Spurs have their core, and Minnesota does not. Udrih could play a lot! Of course, a few hours later, literally the same day, Udrih was waived. Seems the Timberwolves traded a draft pick for Udrih solely to save money. A few days later, the Kings swooped in and signed Udrih.