Johan, updating the top-25

Updated: November 28, 2007, 1:57 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
The Minnesota Twins either are or are not shopping Johan Santana, which is of course a rather big deal in baseball, but in fantasy, not so much. I think he's the best pitcher in fantasy, with a track record of success and health to prove it, and unless he ends up in an extreme pitcher's park, which Yankee Stadium is not, I think he's safe to own and draft late in round one.

In fantasy, we get excited about the hot stove moves and all the talk, but in reality the top players are going to play and do their thing no matter what. There are normally some repercussions to real-life trades and signings, of course, and we react to those, but Santana is still Santana, just like Mark Teixeira didn't stop hitting when he switched leagues and Alfonso Soriano remains darn good despite switching positions and teams.

Whether it's in blogs, columns or chats, on talk radio or just at your office water cooler, everyone thinks they know what their favorite team should part with to get a great player. I particularly enjoy the New York call-in shows. Invariably there will be a Vinny in the Bronx who doesn't understand why the Mets don't merely send Ruben Gotay and Scott Schoeneweis to the Twins for Santana. Yeah, c'mon Mets, why don't you make that deal?!? The Twins need a lefty reliever! What's the matter with you?