This year's Billy Volek is...

Updated: December 6, 2007, 1:15 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Was it Week 15 of 2004 when I realized it doesn't matter what your record is, or who is on your fantasy team, because all your hopes and dreams of a fantasy championship can be dashed by some guy named Billy Volek? Or did it happen years earlier? I think it was probably a decade or so earlier, when another one of my Warren Moon-led undefeated teams lost in mid-December.

Great, you went 11-2. Wonderful, you led your league in points by a hundred. It's exciting that you've already squashed your postseason opponent a few times this season. Go ahead and tell the commish what nickname you want for yourself on the trophy. You still can lose. Happens all the time.

On Dec. 19, 2004, Mr. Volek and his partner in crime Drew Bennett finished up their collective three-week stretch of turning the fantasy football world upside down. Nobody could stop them, well, until Week 16, but in Weeks 13-15 Volek and Bennett led average fantasy teams to major playoff upsets. Volek, now a backup to Philip Rivers in San Diego, didn't even play in Weeks 11-12, but the next three weeks he totaled 12 touchdowns and averaged 395 passing yards per game. Wide receiver Bennett, who was a bit more established and owned in some leagues, hauled in 28 passes for 517 yards and eight touchdowns in those three games. Own 'em both, it was like having Tom Brady and Randy Moss for much of this season, but at the most critical time.