Adding, dropping, panicking in hoops

Updated: December 7, 2007, 3:48 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Injuries are the great equalizer in fantasy sports, and in the really deep leagues, they are very difficult to overcome. In the 30-team league I've discussed in this space before, I took Gilbert Arenas No. 4 overall. Well, that didn't work out. My second-round pick, around No. 55 overall, was Kevin Durant. I dealt him already for point guard help, and to make room for Travis Outlaw. And my third-rounder was Kevin Martin. Not a good week for him, or his owners. My team, of course, isn't doing well, but what can I do? I'm trying to fix a difficult situation.

So it's a constant scramble to just fill an active team in that league, but I have Martin on other teams, and it's not such a tragedy, really. He's out a month, and that stinks, but I've found decent talent on free agency. None of these guys will score 25 points a night, but I don't feel like I lost any other category. Martin's a shooting guard, and if he was averaging 18 points a night with the other things he does, he wouldn't be a great fantasy player. But in my 30-team league, my backup was Thabo Sefolosha, so it looks like I'll be trading again!

In 10- and 12-team leagues, one can generally replace players through free agency, though the options at point guard and center aren't always top-notch. Fantasy basketball players are a fickle bunch when it comes to free agents. I took a look at the most recent add/drop list on ESPN and many of the same names from a week earlier are on there, but on different sides. Why is that? You picked up Troy Murphy for a reason, and now that things aren't going as well, you've already had enough? Well, yeah, when it comes to swingmen and ordinary power forwards, you can always find that on the wire.