Checking out Gagne, 2008 closers

Updated: December 12, 2007, 2:18 PM ET
By Eric Karabell
Good for Eric Gagne, I say, in convincing a major league baseball team that he's worth $10 million for a season, but I'm not going to fall for this in fantasy. I don't care how well Gagne throws in March, I'm not buying. He can't stay healthy and effective at the same time. The Brewers were in the midst of a second-half swoon, so they probably didn't notice Gagne would have fit in perfectly with their team, the way he looked in Boston. I'm not particularly intrigued by Derrick Turnbow or David Riske either, but someone has to get the saves. I bet all three of them get some, and as all fantasy baseball owners know, that can't be good.

You should know I'm not the fella who's going to take the first closer in any draft anyway. Won't happen. I won't take the second, third or fourth save guy, either. Nothing against J.J. Putz, Joe Nathan or the other top options, but I feel like I can find saves about 10 rounds later, if not more. I'm saddened that Bob Wickman is no longer an option, but I guess Todd Jones will have to go at it alone for my teams this season, with a few Joe Borowski types sprinkled in. It doesn't just seem like half the closers change every major league season, it's actually true, and that makes it difficult for me to invest a high pick or any serious auction dollars.

Still, even in December, fantasy owners are thinking about the 2008 season, as am I, and where to get saves remains one of the most intriguing topics. Granted, a bunch of these situations can and will change, but let's take a look at the closer situations around the league. Most of them are filled, so we'll group those guys into classes, and examine the open situations.