Will a QB change spark Miami?

Updated: December 13, 2007, 9:59 PM ET
By Keith Kidd
There are a lot of questions to be answered as the Miami Dolphins approach the end of what could be a historically bad season, including whether head coach Cam Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller will be back next season. The one thing for certain in my mind, however, is that the unbelievable destruction wreaked on the organization by former head coach Nick Saban will make it hard for the Dolphins to be competitive for at least a few years. Say what want about the mistakes made in the personnel department, but when Saban was in charge he had the final say on everything involved in the day-to-day operations of the team.

Cleo Lemon
John Beck
Still, Miami has a chance to win its first game of the season this week against a Baltimore Ravens team that has lost seven straight games. Cleo Lemon is back as the starting quarterback in place of rookie John Beck, who in four starts was unable to produce a single touchdown drive while fumbling six times and throwing three interceptions. Beck was sacked 10 times and averaged just 4.9 yards per throw, and by going back to Lemon you get the impression that Cameron is fighting for his job and that the Dolphins will be in the market for a quarterback heading into 2008.

Lemon replaced the injured Trent Green in Week 5 and has been more impressive than Beck when given the chance to play. Lemon has good size and arm strength and flashes the ability make most throws in the passing game. He has shown some effectiveness but was inconsistent with his accuracy (56.7 completion percentage). Lemon is obviously best suited to be a backup at this point in his career. Still, if Miami is going to have a chance against Baltimore it will have to make plays against a Ravens defense that is without starting LCB Chris McAlister (injured reserve) and could also be missing starting RCB Samari Rolle.